During Reiki treatment the hands are placed on specific positions of the client´s body where they remain for several minutes. Where the hands touch, the client will notice a warm sensation, the muscules relax, the blood circulation is promoted, the inner organs are supplied with energy, the metabolism is activated. This process leads to alleviation and solving of physical and emotional constraints.



The client is experiencing a state of relaxation, harmonization and strengthening of vital energy, while the therapist is an attentive companion and attunes his energy work with the needs of the client.

The client is clothed and covered with a blanket if desired.

Reiki treatment is done in silence or with relaxing music.


The treatment is done by appointment. One session takes about 60-90 minutes (the treatment itself takes 50 minutes, there is a short interview before and after each treatment)

One treatment unit costs 55 EUR, a package of 5 units (valid for 12 months, payable in advance) reduces the costs to 50 EUR per unit.

Regular treatment (weekly follow-up treatment) is recommended, as this enhances consolidation of the beneficial effects of Reiki.

Those who have no acute distress may use Reiki as a regular energy treat for the body and mind to enjoy!


Aiko Kaplan



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