I came to Reiki out of interest in this treatment method. For many years I have experienced the positive effects of classical massage and Craniosacral therapy. Still, when I first experienced Reiki, I was very surprised about the deep relaxation impact. After Reiki sessions, I feel very clear and vivid, personal impressions or emotional situations that were a strain before the sessions, can be reflected on in peace the day after a session. In my professional life, I experience Reiki as part of an inner arrangement process of my thoughts.


Natalie N., PR Consultant
The pregnancy with my son was an exceptional period. Not only did the growing belly, the movements of my child and the heaviness originating from my contour upset me, the forthcoming birth that was expected with joy also involved a lot of anxiety. Starting midway of my pregnancy I attended Reiki treatment sessions regularly. The effect was relaxing and encouraging and in the end I was well prepared for birth. After some time, my son in the belly even started recognizing the accompanying music ☺. I do strongly recommend Reiki for every expectant mother.
Julia W., Managing Director



Aiko Kaplan



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